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Condo Insurance in Iowa

At MAX Insurance LLC of Central Iowa, we care about you, your family, and your home. That’s why we do what we do. Reach out to us for a quote today.

Iowa Condominium Insurance Laws

The Horizontal Real Property Act states that an Iowa condominium unit owner is permitted, but not required, to receive insurance for their own advantage. In Iowa, the law also states that the condominium associations must keep a policy for your condo as a whole.

In the unfortunate event that your condo unit suffers a loss, you, the condo owner, and the condominium association have equal policies for the event that caused the loss. The association’s policy will take precedence. The association will be the primary insurance for the incident. With that said, it can still be highly beneficial for you, the condominium owner, to hold an insurance policy.

3 Reasons Why Condominium Owners Should Obtain Insurance

  1. Having your own insurance means that you are more likely to be properly insured. You have a much better estimation of your possessions than your condominium association ever will.
  2. You are more knowledgeable about any upgrades or improvements you have made to your condominium. Because of this, your condo insurance policy will appropriately raise your condo's appraised value and policy coverings to cover all of your hard work.
  3. Having your own condominium insurance means that you have control over what is protected. If your condo suffered a loss and your condominium didn’t have appropriate coverage to cover the event or loss, your insurance policy can kick in to cover that event or loss.

Living in a Condo in Iowa? Contact MAX Insurance LLC Today!

Call, email, or stop by for your condominium insurance quote today and sleep better tonight. MAX Insurance LLC is here to help you. We would love to cover your condominium home in Central Iowa, and give you that special peace of mind.

While our office is located in Windsor Heights, IA, we serve all across Iowa.