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Auto Insurance in Iowa

Residents of Central Iowa are finding it easier to move about the city for various tasks with their cars. However, with that convenience, there is the responsibility as well of having auto insurance. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it offers financial protection in case of anything. As MAX Insurance LLC explains, here are a few auto coverages that you should know about.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage applies to the injuries that you, as the policyholder, cause someone else while driving. It can help cover the medical expenses that the other party incurs after an accident. It is crucial that you have adequate liability insurance as you might get involved in a severe accident. The injured party ends up suing you for a significant amount of money.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage helps pay for any damage to your vehicle from a collision with other objects like a tree, pole, fence, or another car. This type of coverage will help cover the repairs to your car or the cost of replacement if the vehicle is declared a complete loss.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage helps cover any losses resulting from theft or damage by anything else other than a collision. It can cover theft, vandalism, earthquake, falling objects, and fire. If you suffer a loss due to such risks, this coverage means that you are compensated for repair or replacement costs.

Insured/ Underinsured Coverage

You might get into an accident where the other driver is either uninsured or lacks adequate insurance to compensate you for the losses suffered. This coverage helps cover those resulting expenses instead of you incurring that cost.

If you own a car in Iowa, you need to ensure you have the correct auto insurance coverage when you hit the roads. When shopping for auto insurance, contact our team at MAX Insurance LLC in Central Iowa. We are ready to help you choose the right coverage according to your needs.

While our office is located in Windsor Heights, IA, we serve all across Iowa.