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Recreational Insurance in Iowa

After all of that hard work throughout the week, it is time to play commercially when you are off. Many residents in or around Central Iowa enjoy recreational activities on the weekends and after work. The recreational vehicles include power sport vehicles such as UTVs and ATVs for a fully off-road experience. Below are the reasons why you should carry this policy through MAX Insurance LLC.

Liability Protection

While you may not intend for something to happen when riding recreationally with others, there is the possibility of an accident happening, which could be your fault. With liability coverage, you can cover any property damage resulting from the accident and any medical expenses.

Collision Protection

If you are involved in an accident but the responsible party does not have insurance, you can use the collision portion of your policy to cover any repairs needed to your recreational vehicle or replace it, if necessary. Having insurance allows the financial burden of replacement or repair deferred out of your wallet so that you can maintain your hobbies.

Comprehensive Protection

Recreational vehicles are a lot of fun to have, but they can also be easy targets for theft. If this property is stolen or damaged while it is not being used and stored, you can have it replaced if it is not found. Without comprehensive protection, you are responsible for purchasing a new property or repairing the old property if it is found.

Get Your Recreational Hobbies Covered Today

No matter what type of recreational vehicles you use regularly, there is an insurance policy available in the Central Iowa area for Iowa residents. Contact one of our agents at MAX Insurance LLC today for more information and to get your personal quote today.

While our office is located in Windsor Heights, IA, we serve all across Iowa.