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How commercial insurance can save your small business

Small businesses make up 99 % of all businesses. A small business is defined as one with less than 100 employees. The reality is that most small businesses have 5 employees or fewer. When you are a small business owner, it doesn’t take too much to derail your business and force you to close your doors. Having the right commercial insurance can offer you the protection that you need to survive. At Max Insurance LLC in Des Moines, IA, we make it our business to know your business and recommend the best coverage for your business. 

Trying to keep your business thriving is not easy. If you get hit with a major hazard like a fire or busted pipe, it can put you out of business temporarily. If you don’t have commercial property insurance to help repair or replace your equipment, it can become permanent. Even if you are a renter, there are lots of ways this insurance can help keep your business going. It protects all the things you need to do business, like tools, machines, inventory, raw materials, and office equipment. 

Commercial liability insurance protects your business in the event you are sued. Since about half of all businesses will be sued in any given year, your chances are pretty high that you will be sued at some point. Insurance will pay for the legal fees and the judgment up to the limit of your policy. If you don’t have this insurance, you will be liable for the money and it may cause your business to close its doors. 

Business interruption insurance can be a real business saver. It supplies the money that you need to operate if you can’t be open. Your bills don’t stop just because your income does. While it doesn’t cover everything eventuality, it does cover many. Read your policy. 

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