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Will my homeowners insurance cover the damage from the rat infestation in my attic?

Homeowners insurance creates peace of mind for homeowners. Many homeowners wouldn’t be able to pay for many accidents or unexpected incidents without the help of homeowners insurance. This insurance reduces the out-of-pocket expense associated with the repair or replacement of many things associated with a home. Our Des Moines, IA team at Max Insurance LLC is committed to helping homeowners understand the benefits of homeowners insurance. 

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers the repair or replacement of your home, personal belongings, property, and other assets. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage for property damage or injuries you may unintentionally cause to others. This coverage may also apply to incidents or injuries to others away from your home as well. If your home has to be rebuilt or repaired, home insurance typically covers the cost of living elsewhere until your home is inhabitable again. 

Will my home insurance cover the damage from the rat infestation in my attic?

Although homeowners insurance covers many situations, it doesn’t typically cover damage caused by insects, birds, rodents, and small animals. This type of damage is the sole responsibility of the homeowner unless he or she has purchased some kind of add-on insurance that would make allowance for this type of damage.

Conversely, if a bird breaks a window in your home, your insurance may cover this type of incident. An insurance agent can adequately detail the coverage allowances associated with damage caused by insects or animals. Although most of this kind of damage isn’t covered by a standard homeowners policy, there may be exceptions.

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If you have questions about homeowners insurance, call us at Max Insurance LLC. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.