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Here’s What You’re Getting Wrong About Your Auto Insurance

Our team at Max Insurance LLC has seen many Des Moines, IA residents make mistakes about their car insurance. These are often minor issues that can be easily fixed. However, there are other problems that might be even more problematic. Here’s what you need to know here.

Not Reporting Accidents 

We get why you might not want to report accidents with your insurance company. It’s embarrassing and might seem unnecessary in minor incidents where no one is hurt. However, getting help from your insurance can ensure you are protected. Just as importantly, it can avoid legal issues. After all, if you try selling your vehicle with damage caused by unreported accidents, there could be legal consequences.

Modifying Your Car Improperly 

Do you like changing your car up with various upgrades, like new spoilers and engines? It’s okay to do that if you work with a licensed and insured professional. If you don’t? Well, that could actually void your insurance and cause real problems. Always work with an expert and avoid DIY modifications to minimize this issue.

Sticking to Long With a Policy 

It’s something that we’ve seen too many people do over the years to count: sticking with a policy far too long. Put simply, many people don’t change their policies and end up missing out on better options. We strongly recommend that you shop around regularly to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. You can even let us know what kind of upgrades you’d like to make to get the help that you need.

Need Help? Let Us Know!

With the help of our crew at Max Insurance LLC, you can get the Des Moines, IA auto insurance you need and avoid making mistakes. It’s important to take this coverage seriously to ensure that you get the help you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about your available insurance options.