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How much time do I have to purchase auto insurance after buying a car?

Des Moines, IA drivers may have a grace period where they can drive without insurance without incurring legal penalties. That means that during that time if you are caught driving without insurance, you will not have to pay a ticket or lose your license and registration.

However, the grace period is limited to certain situations and only lasts for a brief time. Max Insurance LLC can help you figure out what you need to do to make sure you are driving safely and legally.

If you are replacing a former vehicle with a new vehicle, your insurance company will allow you between a week and a month to add the new information. It never hurts to call your agent right away though to make sure that you understand the time limits and make sure you are safe. If you are driving a new vehicle and do not already have insurance, you will need to provide proof of insurance in order to drive on a public street or register your vehicle.

Even though Des Moines, IA drivers have a grace period for buying insurance, keep in mind that during this time period, you do not have protection if you are in an accident. You may also realize that the minimum amount of coverage required by law is not enough. If you want to have your own damages covered, you can also add additional comprehensive and collision protection.

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Don’t forget that you are still responsible for anything that happens when you are operating a motor vehicle in Iowa, even during your grace period. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your auto insurance policy, please feel free to call Max Insurance LLC today.