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Documents you should always carry in your vehicle

At Max Insurance LLC in Des Moines, IA we understand that each person has unique insurance needs, and we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. We get to know our customers so that we can better serve them by providing insurance that fits their personal needs. We work for you, and we will strive to get you the best coverage at a price that works for you. 

Documents you should always carry in your vehicle

Your vehicle registration

Your vehicle must be registered in the state of Iowa within 30 days of your moving to the state. You must register your vehicle in the county where you live, and if you change counties, you let the motor vehicle department know so that they can keep the records correct. In order to register your vehicle, you must have the title, a bill of sale, and a completed application. Your vehicle must also have a federal safety label. Keep your registration in the glove box or over your sun visor. 

Your insurance card

When you renew your auto insurance, you will receive an insurance card either through the mail or digitally. It has the carrier’s name, your name, the policy number, and the dates the policy is in effect. This proves that you have the required coverage for the state of Iowa. It should be kept where you can access it easily in the event you need to provide it to a police officer. 

Your driver’s license

You are required to always have your driver’s license on your person if you are driving a motor vehicle. You may not actually keep it in the vehicle, but it should be on you when you are driving. 

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