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What is a business owner’s policy?

When you contact Max Insurance LLC about commercial insurance policies for your Des Moines, IA business, you can handily obtain the four most necessary policies in one fell swoop with a business owner’s policy (BOP).

What is a business owner’s policy?

So, what’s in a BOP? It contains coverage for:

  • business interruption,
  • peril,
  • property damage,
  • liability.

How They Work Together

Liability insurance does its own thing. It protects your business from financial loss caused by an accident that injures any person on your business property. When an injury occurs at your place of business, you assume responsibility for it. Carrying insurance can often help you avoid going to court because the injured can file a claim and receive compensation directly from your insurance company.

While liability functions on its own, many businesses need to use the other three policies in a BOP all at once. When a named peril, such as fire or tornado, occurs, the peril insurance kicks in and pays for structural damage caused by the peril.

This typically means the business also incurs property damage, since if a tornado rips off your roof, your office equipment gets exposed to rain and wind. This component of the BOP pays for the replacement of the equipment, office furniture, etc.

The business interruption policy reimburses your business for the days or weeks it must close due to the structural damage and lack of equipment. This coverage lets you continue to pay your employees and yourself.

Contact Us Today to Purchase Your BOP

Let Max Insurance LLC help you protect your Des Moines, IA business from loss. Contact us today about obtaining a BOP for your small business.